Jamie "Black Cat Bone" Hatch brings the low-end to the forefront.  His bass playing is big, full, driving, and masterfully propels the music forward.  With a more jazz/free-oriented aesthetic, Jamie's style echoes Charles Mingus, Chris Wood, George Porter Jr., and Donald "Duck" Dunn, while never being anything but his own.

Having crafted the perfect "Delta-Funk" tone with a gorgeous Barker Brio vertical bass, modified Ibanez hollow-body, and a 1973 Gibson EB-3, Jamie is the sole voice for the unique, sub-100hz frequencies you hear with The Barrett Anderson Band.

Providing a rock solid foundation, Jamie "Black Cat Bone" locks in tight with the drums; serving the song while providing the perfect foil for Barrett's guitar, with whom he has been a bandmate across a variety of lineups and projects spanning 20+ years.  

Engaging, melodic, and always groovy, Jamie "Black Cat Bone" Hatch's playing is at the very core of The Barrett Anderson Band's Hypno-Boogie sound.


The 708 Club

Barrett Anderson

An EP recorded by a young Barrett, featuring Jamie "Black Cat Bone" Hatch (on electric guitar!!)... An embryonic form of what we now recognize as The Barrett Anderson Band.

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