Charlie mallet

Charlie, the newest addition to The Barrett Anderson Band, has quickly established himself as an integral part of the band's "fueled by vintage soul and rock 'n roll" grooves.

With 40 years experience, Charlie's passion for playing and powerful, energetic  style have been the driving force behind such New England bands as Crawdad Creek, Melanie and the Blue Shots, and the Definite Maybes, with whom he produced and recorded Leaving The Station in 2016.

Brimming with creativity, Charlie underpins and supports the deeply rhythmic, hypno-boogie grooves that are at the heart of The Barrett Anderson Band's sound, while his tasteful interplay with Barrett introduces rich, textural, dual guitar leads; evoking 1960's psychedelia but never losing its own, unique style.

Photo by Adam Signore


Leaving The Station

The Definite Maybes

The Definite Maybes' first album, Leaving The Station, features original music written by Charlie Mallet and Melanie Mangum, and features talented musicians Scotty Monette on bass and Doug Plavin on drums. Fashioning a dynamic blend of rock, blues, and R&B and driven by the sweet soulful voice of Melanie Mangum and spirited guitar from Charlie Mallet, their new CD “Leaving The Station” showcases their original songs that cross musical boundaries and styles - a good time for all!

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