The Barrett Anderson Band

The brand new album. Coming 9/25/20.

HypnoBoogie Tracklist 1. Mona
2. Good Man 3. Lookin’ Good 4. Not Your Baby 5. Emma Lee 6. The Long Fall 7. Grinnin’ In Your Face 8. Blind Faith 9. Broken Down 10. Gone 11. House Party -

From Carter Alan, DJ: "HypnoBoogie - Barrett Anderson stands by his guitar, taking a deep dive into the blues and returning with the goods in a one-take jam of a 2020 live show that had to be preserved!"

From Monster Mike Welch, musician: “Every note Barrett plays and sings is achingly sincere and viciously raw, his band rocks mightily and his songs are smart and catchy.”

Jim Carty, music writer and DJ: “Barrett Anderson played alongside the best musicians of the preceding generations of blues luminaries. He paid the requisite dues for the past 20 years and garnered accolades and awards, but that doesn’t satiate the soul of a true artist. Anderson built the foundation required to offer the world an inspired and timeless document of American roots music with his current release, HypnoBoogie. Fans and aficionados of energetic guitar driven blues that incorporates flawless musicianship, unique tones, space, air and attack must acquire Mr. Anderson’s latest offering.”

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